The Life Finance Blog is Up and Running!

The Life Finance Blog is Up and Running!

Welcome to the Life Finance Blog! We hope you’ll find the posts here interesting and useful for managing your personal finances for your life journey.

The focus of this blog is on retirement, having enough to live our golden years in comfort and peace, assured that what we have will last us for the rest of our lives. This is potentially the greatest problem facing us.

As financial literacy improves, we are aware of matters like saving enough and investing wisely. But retirement for most is still years away, and it is hard to start conscientiously planning for it. This is more difficult as choices we make for our retirement in the far future may have significant impact in the near future.

Put simply, our financial journey in life is about saving enough, investing wisely, and withdrawing sustainably. Sustainable withdrawal gives us a dependable income to live a dignified life, pays for healthcare, and leaves a bequest for our loved ones. Mixing these goals together by having a common pot of limited resources to draw upon will not address each of these goals well.

Why have we chosen this topic?

We have chosen to write on these matter for several reasons:

  1. Savings and investment issues are well covered by many blogs and resources. There is not much we can add to these areas, least of all when it comes to picking specific investments or stocks!
  2. The science of retirement finance has only grown recently, but is still largely in the academic sphere. Little of this has trickled down to financial products for retirement. We hope to shed more light on new ideas and hasten their adoption into financial products and solutions for retirement.

Finally, welcome once again to the Life Finance Blog, and may your harvest from it be fruitful!


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